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November 19, 2010




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Benny Blanco
David H. Gamson
Kool Kojak
Max Martin

I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album

Cannibal is the first extended play by Ke$ha, released on November 19, 2010. The EP is a follow up companion to her previous record, Animal. Originally the record was set to only be released as a deluxe edition of Animal, but ended up being released as both an EP and a deluxe edition of Animal, Animal + CannibalKe$ha worked with a variety of producers and writers such as Dr. Luke as the executive producer, Benjamin LevinJoshua ColemanMax Martin, and Mr. Bangladesh.

Background and development

Originally believed to only be a re-release of AnimalCannibal was instead released both as a deluxe edition of Animal as well as a standalone extended play (EP). The EP has been classified as a follow up "nine-song companion" record to AnimalCannibal was originally intended to contain anywhere between four to eight tracks with the final outcome instead consisting of eight tracks, and a remix of her debut album's title track, for a total of nine tracks.

Recording of the album took place during September 2010, at Conway Studios with Dr. Luke again as the executive producer. Like her debut album, Ke$ha worked with similar producers and writers such as: Dr. LukeAmmoBenny Blanco and Max Martin. Unlike her debut album though, Ke$ha enlisted the help of producer Bangladesh. she explained the reasoning for enlisting his help was that she wanted to "add a tougher edge to her music". Ke$ha recorded the abundance of Cannibal over a two week span with a variety of producers. She said that the message she wanted to put out through this album was to create "good, positive, [danceable] music". She elaborated, "I feel like I’m creating this hopefully very youthful and irreverent movement of the kids, of like adolescence. I feel like the parents don’t get it, but the kids get it. And they deserve to have more good, positive music.”


  • "We R Who We R" was released as the EP's lead single on October 22, 2010. She elaborated, "I was really affected [..] having been subject to very public hatred [myself]. I have absolutely no idea how these kids felt. What I'm going through is nothing compared to what they had to go through. Just know things do get better and you need to celebrate who you are." She hopes the song will be an anthem for "weirdos", and said, "Every weird thing about you is beautiful and makes life interesting. Hopefully the song really captures that emotion of celebrating who you are." The song became the seventeenth song in the history of the chart to accomplish that feat. The song also reached number one in Australia, the United Kingdom and number two in Canada, while charting within the top ten in numerous other countries. Critical reception of the song was positive with most critics praising the songs production and citing the song as strong dance-pop number, that combined strong beats with an inspiring message filled with genuine humor.
  • "Blow" was released as the second single, and impacted U.S. radio on February 8, 2011. Critical reception of the song was mixed to generally positive. The song's hook and opening were generally praised but the song's chorus was met with mixed reaction, some critics praised the song for its party anthem vibe, while others called it uninspiring and ordinary. Commercially, "Blow" reached the top ten in the United states and Australia, becoming her sixth straight top ten hit in both countries as a solo artist.

Promotional songs

  • "Sleazy" was made available on November 2, 2010 as part of an iTunes exclusive countdown to the release of the album. In the same week, "Sleazy" entered the Billboard Hot 100 at fifty-one.
  • "Cannibal", was the next offering and was made available on November 9, 2010. In Canada, "Cannibal" entered the Canadian Hot 100 on the issue date entitled November 27, 2010 at sixty-two. In the same week, "Cannibal" entered the Billboard Hot 100 at seventy-seven. The next and final offering of the program was "Blow" which was made available on November 12, 2010. The song entered the Billboard Hot 100 on the issue date entitled December 4, 2010, reaching position ninety-seven and dropping off the chart the following week.

Track listing

# Song Title Writers Producers Length
1 "Cannibal" Ke$haAmmoMathieu JomphePebe Sebert Ammo, Billboard 3:14
2 "We R Who We R" Ke$haBenjamin LevinAmmoŁukasz Gottwald Łukasz Gottwald, Benny Blanco, Ammo 3:24
3 "Sleazy" Ke$haBenjamin LevinKlas ÅhlundŁukasz GottwaldShondrae Crawford Łukasz Gottwald, Benny Blanco, Shondrae Crawford, 3:25
4 "Blow" Ke$haKool KojakBenjamin LevinKlas ÅhlundŁukasz GottwaldMax Martin Łukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Kool Kojak 3:40
5 "The Harold Song" Ke$haJoshua Coleman Ammo 3:58
6 "Crazy Beautiful Life" Ke$haŁukasz GottwaldMax MartinPebe Sebert Łukasz Gottwald 2:50
7 "Grow a Pear" Ke$haBenjamin LevinŁukasz GottwaldMax Martin Łukasz GottwaldMax Martin, Benny Blanco 3:28
8 "C U Next Tuesday" Ke$haDavid H. GamsonMarc Nelkin David Gamson 3:52
9 "Animal (Billboard Remix)" Ke$haGreg KurstinŁukasz Gottwald,Pebe Sebert Greg Kurstin, Billboard


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Photo Credit: Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold

Date: August 23, 2010