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Jane the Virgin is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on The CW on October 13, 2014. The series follows Jane Villanueva, a hard-working, religious young Latina woman whose family tradition and a vow to save her virginity until marriage is shattered when a doctor mistakenly artificially inseminates her during a checkup. To make matters worse, the biological donor is a married man, a former playboy and cancer survivor who is not only the new owner of the hotel where Jane works, but was also her former teenage crush.

Kesha guest-starred in an episode of Jane The Virgin, titled ""Chapter Twenty-Four".

"Chapter Twenty-Four"

""Chapter Twenty-Four"" is the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of Jane The Virgin and the 24th episode overall. It aired on October 19, 2015. Kesha played a “twenty-something wannabe rock star” neighbor who has a mutual noise dispute with Jane and her newborn Mateo. Her character, named Annabelle, has been ruining Mateo’s sleep cycle with her nighttime band practice. She’s unmoved by Jane’s request to tone it down (“noise-canceling headphones help”), and says the baby’s 6 a.m. wake-up call is no joy, either. When Jane’s retaliatory move — actually more of a theft, technically — causes Annabelle and her friend to lose a gig, Jane figures out a way to fix everything.


Jane receives Mateo back, but must face the brewing love triangle between her, Michael and Rafael. Jane begins seeing visions of her "bachelorette self" encouraging her to make a choice of who to be with. Jane also turns into an even more emotional wreck since her baby's abduction and begins to see Rose everywhere she looks. Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio must perform on a cruise ship as part of contract agreements. Back in Miami, Rafael's smarmy assistant, Scott, blackmails Petra into giving him a raise and a promotion or he will tell Rafael about the theft of the sperm sample. Lachlan returns from his trip and proposes a business deal, but Petra and Rafael don't trust him. Also, Alba decides to make a change in her life after another encounter with the police. Elsewhere, the mysterious thug, that an unseen German woman sends to Miami, abducts Luisa. Kesha guest stars in this episode.