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Site Info

Keshapedia is a free Kesha reference website that is being written collaboratively by our members and readers. We are currently the largest, most reliable, and most up-to-date encyclopedia about everything related to Kesha Rose Sebert.

Keshapedia is a private wiki, meaning that only fans with an approved account may edit an article. We encourage all fans to request an account here. Once your account is approved, it is very easy to share your knowledge and insight about Kesha's art and add to the collected information available. All fan edits are reviewed by an administrator before being published. This keeps out spam and ensures that only accurate information is being added to the wiki. There are currently 3,284 pages that are being worked on.

K3 - Kesha's third studio album

K3.jpg Click here to view a complete list of all the confirmed demos that have been recorded for K3.

Site Info
  • Website Name: Keshapedia
  • Launched: January 6th, 2010
  • Administrator: CrazyKidKesha
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  • Version: 4.2 - True Colors
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Keshapedia is an unofficial non-profit fansite dedicated to Kesha Rose Sebert in mission to promote her talent and career. This site has no official affiliation with Kesha or her managements - it is run by fans for fans. The webmaster(s) of this website claim no ownership to any material seen on this website and is used, to the best of their knowledge, under the "Fair Use" copyright laws.